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As far as I know, the VPOTUS (Vice President of the United States) has no age limitations. With that, could a 30 year-old VPOTUS serve as president under the line of succession in the event the POTUS is killed or incapacitated?

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The Twelfth Amendment states that "no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice President of the United States." Thus, to serve as vice president, an individual must: Be a natural-born U.S. citizen; Be at least 35 years old.

Because the age requirement for President is 35 years old, the Vice President must also meet that requirement.

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Incidentally, the question is not over. An early death of the Vice President would result in him being replaced by the President Pro Tem of the senate. This leaves two ways the succession could go (never tested): the Speaker of the House or the new Vice President; if both are ineligible ... – Joshua Jan 14 at 21:38
@Joshua The death of the VPOTUS does not automatically elevate the President Pro Tem of the Senate to the VPOTUS. See the 25th amendment, in particular as it relates to Gerald Ford. – shoover Jan 14 at 21:59
Well that settles that. Bad things could still happen but it's better answered in the other question involving a decapitation attack. – Joshua Jan 14 at 22:13
The list continues quite a bit after VPOTUS, and for all members of the Line of succession they need to meet the same requirements to actually serve as president or acting president. – jcaron Jan 15 at 1:40

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