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Top new questions this week:

Can Hollywood discriminate on the race of their actors?

Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and later addenda, employers in the US "cannot discriminate" on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), ...

employment discrimination equal-protection  
asked by TheEnvironmentalist 25 votes
answered by hszmv 37 votes

Unscheduled exterminator attempted to enter my unit without notice or invitation

Yesterday there was a knock on my door and then I could hear my door being unlocked. Someone was attempting to enter my unit, he had keys so he unlocked the door and deadbolt, but I had the security ...

residential-lease illinois  
asked by chiliNUT 24 votes
answered by user6726 34 votes

What are the limits of the Commerce Clause?

In Gonzalez v. Raich, the Supreme Court held that the Controlled Substances Act could apply to home-grown marijuana that started in and never left California because it could still effect the ...

united-states us-constitution commerce  
asked by Ryan_L 15 votes
answered by bdb484 17 votes

"Does not put forward a case inconsistent with the confession" of guilt

In New Zealand, duties of defence lawyers require them to "not put forward a case inconsistent with the confession" if the defendant confesses his/her guilt to them (13.13.2(a)). What ...

lawyer new-zealand professional-ethics criminal-procedure  
asked by Greendrake 7 votes
answered by ohwilleke 13 votes

Can a company officially decide to break the law since the penalty for breaking it is cheaper than following it?

For example imagine a company in Washington that needs a temporary building for its workers to live in during the summer. Instead of bothering with permits, they rapidly construct a dormitory for ...

united-states corporate-law washington  
asked by JonathanReez 7 votes
answered by David Siegel 5 votes

is it allowed to make tutorials out of copyrighted material?

I have been reading a lot of books about the IT world in general. I learned from those books. Now I wish to create some tutorials which will be available in public in form of a website. Suppose I ...

asked by pishies 5 votes
answered by David Siegel 9 votes

Is it illegal to drop boulders into the sea?

The BBC has a video in which those opposing Greenpeace say so A Greenpeace ship has been dropping huge boulders into the sea off Brighton this week to stop fishing boats from trawling the sea bed. [.....

united-kingdom law-of-the-sea  
asked by Fizz 5 votes
answered by Rock Ape 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the liability of a person who signs as a witness?

I've seen this answer and this answer, but the answers don't entirely explain some things. For example, long back my boss wanted my signature as a witness signature on a contract for one of his ...

contract-law contract india signature  
asked by Nav 2 votes
answered by ohwilleke 4 votes

Will SCOTUS be forced to rule on birthright citizenship soon?

John C. Eastman, professor of law, Chapman University, wrote this in Newsweek a few days ago: Indeed, the Supreme Court has never held that anyone born on U.S. soil, no matter the circumstances of ...

united-states immigration citizenship us-supreme-court  
asked by bobcat 15 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 49 votes

Why do prisoners spend so long on death row?

In the USA, once appeals have been exhausted, why do prisoners spend so much time on death row? My personal opinions on death penalty aside, I would expect that once the sentence is final, it should ...

united-states criminal-law capital-punishment  
asked by Ciclon Saramil 11 votes
answered by ratchet freak 4 votes

How to prove that someone forged my signature on a contract that I was not aware of?

I found this similar question that already has an accepted answer. However, I don't fully like that answer because it says that "signed contract would not be binding if you can prove that it is fraud"....

criminal-law contract-law fraud signature  
asked by Jonny 9 votes
answered by Alexanne Senger 5 votes

Is asking users to waive GDPR compliance a legal way of escaping GDPR data handling requirements?

I have recently come across this part of an app from a well-known US company: Is this a legal way of handling some of the technical obstacles GDPR introduced? Is this a "flexible" interpretation of ...

gdpr european-union terms-of-service  
asked by Michal 24 votes

Is it legal for Microsoft to install software without user approval?

On several occasions, Microsoft had misled their users to forcefully install updates or unwanted programs (like Windows 10 on Windows 7 here, here, here, and here), it also has forcefully installed ...

software privacy terms-of-service security  
asked by Chico3001 31 votes
answered by Dale M 74 votes

What happens if two clauses in a contract come into conflict?

This is a hypothetical scenario, but hopefully it is appropriate for this board. Suppose that two people enter into a contract which contains clause A and clause B. Further suppose that, in general, ...

contract-law contract  
asked by Daniel Goldman 5 votes
answered by gracey209 5 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is it illegal for criminal defendant to approach the prosecution witnesses?

Is there any law that prevents criminal defendants (where they are remanded at large or on bail without corresponding conditions) or their lawyers from talking to the prosecution witnesses? I note ...

criminal-law new-zealand witnesses  
asked by Greendrake 1 vote

Can state officials demand I-9s from a company?

I have a state official asking me copies of I-9 forms for my former employees. Does a state official have the legal authority to demand federal documents such as I-9s from businesses in the state?

united-states jurisdiction labor-law  
asked by Cicero 1 vote

Foreseen consequences of accidents caused during a fully driverless service

Waymo has just opened its fully driverless service to the general public in Phoenix. What happens if such a car crosses the red light and causes a deadly crash? Who and what punishment will be given ...

arizona accident  
asked by e-driver 2 votes
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