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Top new questions this week:

Is it illegal to ride a drunk horse?

Tedd owns a riding horse. One day, Tedd notices that his horse has somehow gotten itself drunk. Tedd has someplace where he needs to be, so he saddles up his drunken horse and rides to his ...

is-x-legal alcohol animals transportation  
asked by Vikki Score of 50
answered by Mark Johnson Score of 22

Why are there no laws rewarding people

It might sound like a stupid question, but I am not a legal expert. The positive laws prohibit certain acts and punish those who perform the acts. However, do the laws always prohibit and punish? And ...

legal-concepts jurisprudence  
asked by user30303 Score of 37
answered by Dale M Score of 78

Can you be punished for planning a crime and what constitutes "planning"?

I just read a different question here on Law.SE that asked something along the lines of "Would it be illegal to do XYZ? I want to do this, but I'm not sure if it's legal." So, that seems ...

asked by Vilx- Score of 24
answered by Iñaki Viggers Score of 19

Must the interrogation stop when the right to counsel has been invoked?

Do police officers have to stop an interrogation when right to counsel has been invoked by a suspect or can they continue the questioning like nothing has happened?

united-states law-enforcement interrogation right-to-counsel  
asked by Neil Meyer Score of 20
answered by ezgranet Score of 24

Rewriting math proof from a paywalled paper then posting it to website for free

If i read a math proof in a paper that requires payment to read, is it legal to rewrite the proof with different word, phrasing, and order, then post the proof publicly in a website (with citation) ? ...

intellectual-property is-x-legal  
asked by LLL Score of 11
answered by David Siegel Score of 11

Who owns the rights to images of Albert Einstein?

I began doing some research on Albert Einstein some time ago and in the process found the following article: Simon Parkin, Who owns Einstein? The battle for the world’s most famous face, The Guardian,...

libel image-rights  
asked by David Blomstrom Score of 10
answered by user6726 Score of 16

Is the Scarborough Fair Melody Really in the Public Domain?

According to Wikimedia Commons: the melody to the tune Scarborough Fair (which had been popularized in the 1960s by Simon and ...

copyright international music public-domain  
asked by mlchristians Score of 5
answered by PMF Score of 9

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is creating and selling "cheats" or "hacks" for games illegal?

I sell game hacks for a living, but wanted to learn more about the laws regarding what I do. Most of you probably haven't heard of this, but there are people like me who reverse engineer games, and ...

united-states dmca  
asked by Bill Richard Score of 5
answered by Dale M Score of 5

Why is trying to get "vaccinated" into a fake arm considered fraud (in Italy)?

I'm curious under what legal provisions this bizarre story falls under in Italy. An Italian man is facing charges of fraud after turning up for his Covid-19 vaccine wearing a fake arm. [...] After ...

fraud covid-19 italy vaccination  
asked by Fizz Score of 16
answered by Rick Score of 42

Stealing my own property back?

I have a guitar that I let my friend Joe borrow on the consensus that he would return it in a couple of days. Joe is a mutual friend of my ex Bob. Bob stole the guitar from Joe once he found out it ...

criminal-law property theft ownership  
asked by Jude Score of 101
answered by ohwilleke Score of 115

Is it legal for a supermarket to refuse to sell an adult beer if an adult with them doesn’t have their ID?

Today I went with my dad grocery shopping at a supermarket in New York (ShopRite) and he put a six-pack of beer in the cart. They then wouldn’t let him buy the beer because they couldn’t ID me (21, ...

united-states new-york-state alcohol is-x-legal identification  
asked by Louisa Carlson Score of 46

If I buy a stolen item from party A, and then party A spends the proceeds, who is entitled to the item?

Is the original owner entitled to their property back while I am entitled to recover the sum paid for it from party A, or does the item somehow become rightfully mine, or... how does this all work?

asked by Ohan Score of 22
answered by Greendrake Score of 69

What's the difference between a clause, provision, condition and term?

In a contract, what's the difference between a clause, provision, condition and term? They seem to all refer to the same thing to me - which is basically any self contained point or requirement.

contract-law contract  
asked by Guy McG Score of 2
answered by Dale M Score of 6

Can I sue a restaurant for serving me meat in vegetarian dish?

I am a vegetarian for religious reasons. I was at Chipotle on Saturday and ordered a sofritas rice bowl which is "vegan approved". To my surprise, I found a chunk of chicken in my bowl when I was ...

civil-law food  
asked by user559788 Score of 43
answered by user6726 Score of 74

Can you answer these questions?

What's the license for speech files generated from real speech files and do I owe anything to the original speaker?

I'd like to artificially generate speech file using some real speech files. E.g., I have 100h of speech files where Bob is talking, and I'll artificially generate speech files that sounds just like ...

united-states artificial-intelligence  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt Score of 2

AGPL-3.0 license

If make a service for a open source software with this license that interact but isn't part of the software itself, only connected to it, i would need to provide a open source distribution of the ...

copyright intellectual-property licensing open-source-software  
asked by zero Score of 1

Is it legal for someone on an H1B to found a startup?

I have a friend sponsored on an H1B visa that I'd like to start to a software company with. We would not be securing outside capital. I'm wondering if the terms of an H1B visa which I believe prevent ...

corporate-law immigration immigration-law  
asked by Evan Carroll Score of 1
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