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Top new questions this week:

Can you ever be certain that you will not be tried for an alleged crime?

Suppose someone is involved in a self-defense altercation where the other party ends up dead. As far as I understand this could result in one of the following outcomes: The police investigate and a ...

united-states criminal-procedure self-defense prosecutorial-discretion self-incrimination  
user avatar asked by shellster Score of 13
user avatar answered by ohwilleke Score of 23

Extent to which a will is holographic

"Albus" and "Severus" are making a will together. They do not want to bother with an attorney or witnesses, so Severus handwrites it, under the assumption that doing so will make ...

united-states texas probate  
user avatar asked by Hamas are war criminals Score of 11
user avatar answered by Wastrel Score of 8

Retroactive lack of testamentary capacity

"Juan" makes his will. A year later, he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and so loses testamentary capacity. Often, the medical diagnosis for Alzheimer's comes well after the victim's ...

united-states texas probate  
user avatar asked by Hamas are war criminals Score of 9
user avatar answered by user6726 Score of 14

What stops stolen software from offering a valid license?

A common pattern in software distribution is to have an installer program that pops up and offers the user a license to the software, and prompts the user to accept it. This End User License Agreement ...

copyright software licensing eula online-piracy  
user avatar asked by interfect Score of 8
user avatar answered by user71659 Score of 34

Tenant's permitted use of rented parking space

I rent an apartment in a block of flats. Tenants are given an assigned car parking space in a basement-level parking lot, for which they also pay a monthly rent. The landlord has written to us stating ...

germany rental-property  
user avatar asked by Alex Barber Score of 8
user avatar answered by Dale M Score of 28

Can federal courts overturn state court decisions on matters of state law?

If a state court rules, for example, that a particular state law is unconstitutional under the state constitution, can this decision be overturned by a federal court?

united-states federal-courts federalism us-states state-courts  
user avatar asked by Someone Score of 7
user avatar answered by Kevin Score of 13

Can a person be convicted for violating a law that had been ruled unconstitutional by a lower court but was later reinstated?

Suppose that the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that a federal law is unconstitutional. Because I live in the Ninth Circuit, I am now allowed to "violate" the law. What if ...

united-states constitutional-law us-constitution  
user avatar asked by Someone Score of 7

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the status of mutual combat in the USA?

Curious because I see posted sometimes (on various sites, as a 'fun fact') that there exist jurisdictions (e.g. Seattle, WA) where if both parties agree beforehand to 'mutual combat' then neither ...

united-states criminal-law battery  
user avatar asked by Shazamo Morebucks Score of 6
user avatar answered by user6726 Score of 3

Has anyone been charged with a crime committed in space?

Has anyone, in any jurisdiction, ever been charged with a crime for acts (allegedly) committed in outer space?

criminal-law any-jurisdiction space  
user avatar asked by Someone Score of 16
user avatar answered by Jen Score of 15

Who has right of way at an intersection with two stop signs across from each other?

The traffic on the main road (with no stop signs) of course has first right of way. Suppose two cars are across from each other turning onto the main road. One is turning right and one is turning ...

united-states traffic  
user avatar asked by Kevin Rettig Score of 5
user avatar answered by plattitude Score of 6

If a signal person in California tells me to kill someone, do I have to do so?

According to California sample written driving test (problem 6): You see a signal person at a road construction site ahead. You should obey his or her instructions: A. Only if you see orange cones ...

united-states california traffic murder  
user avatar asked by user8667 Score of 47
user avatar answered by animuson Score of 80

So… is prostitution in Canada legal or not?

I'm confused, is prostitution in Canada legal or not? I've been looking, but have up till now only gotten mixed messages when it comes to it's legality; just a jumble of legislative actions, court ...

canada prostitution  
user avatar asked by Tirous Score of 7
user avatar answered by Dale M Score of 16

What does a lawyer do if they know for absolute certain that their client is guilty?

Say that a person is accused of committing a crime, they either hire a lawyer or have one appointed to them. Some time later, the lawyer learns that their client most certainly committed the crime. ...

user avatar asked by Thunderforge Score of 13
user avatar answered by user3344003 Score of 8

A student slipped a drug into my coffee — what are the legal ramifications of this situation?

I am a high school Chemistry teacher. This morning, while my back was turned to write on the board, one of my students (age 17) slipped a pill into my coffee mug. This is a thermos-style mug that has ...

criminal-law education louisiana  
user avatar asked by Hayley LJ Score of 193
user avatar answered by user6726 Score of 151

Can you answer these questions?

Can employeed be fired for planning to take FMLA?

In the US, Family and Medical Leave is protected by federal law. Part of the provisions is that you cannot fire an employee for taking FMLA. Presumably, if an employer was malicious, they would ...

united-states employment  
user avatar asked by Consis Score of 2

Does the UK building regulations allow for having no principal contractor for domestic clients?

Under The Building Regulations 2010 (as amended), a domestic client is a client where the project is being carried out for non-business reasons. A contractor is someone who carries out the work, and ...

united-kingdom england-and-wales real-estate property regulations  
user avatar asked by Simon Score of 3

What is the closest equivalent to criminal compensation orders in your jurisdiction(s) of expertise?

In the U.K., or at least in England, if Bob is convicted of a crime of which Alice is a victim, Bob may be ordered by the court at sentencing to pay to it on Alice’s behalf a sum representing losses ...

united-states england-and-wales any-jurisdiction criminal-procedure compensation  
user avatar asked by Seeking answers Score of 1
user avatar answered by ohwilleke Score of 0
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