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Top new questions this week:

Are computer programs copyrightable work?

If the platform is not open-source, is the computer program copyrightable?

copyright internet  
asked by user90379 20 votes
answered by gnasher729 56 votes

Contract issue (Austria/EU Law) backdating start date of work

I would appreciate some advice with respect to my situation. I was offered a job in Austria (I'm from the UK) back in the summer of 2019. The job was conditional on finishing my Masters Degree in the ...

contract-law european-union workplace austria  
asked by John Smith 8 votes
answered by Iñaki Viggers 18 votes

Is there an authoritative definition of what a terrorist is?

An intelligent unbiased observer from another galaxy wants to understand the notion of a 'terrorist' because the alien sees: “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” Is there an ...

asked by gatorback 7 votes
answered by Dale M 16 votes

What legal concerns may be caused by featuring a post on meta?

Recently a post on Meta StackOverflow got unfeatured by SE employee, with the explanation that it was done because of some "legal concerns." Given that: similar posts exist on main Meta and are ...

united-states internet  
asked by Tadeusz Kopec 6 votes
answered by Dale M 3 votes

Can a School Keep a Child from their Parents, as a byproduct of discipline? (USA)

This issue had been bugging me for a while, and I think I finally figured out how to phrase it: As one of the punishments for infractions, some schools will detain children, hold them past the end ...

minor school detention  
asked by GridAlien 5 votes
answered by Dale M 4 votes

Is a debt owed by an adult who is supported by parents recoverable?

I am owed money by a 37 year old drug addict. We grew up together and I tried with his father to get him healthy. Over the years, I lent him small sums that added up over time, which we kept track ...

debt new-york-city  
asked by Donum 4 votes
answered by Stephan Branczyk 4 votes

How much latitude does an attorney have in a deposition?

Suppose there is a witness (not a principal) to a car accident. An attorney would naturally ask the witness about where s/he was at what time, what s/he saw of the accident, etc. But suppose the ...

united-states deposition  
asked by Libra 4 votes
answered by Iñaki Viggers 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

So… is prostitution in Canada legal or not?

I'm confused, is prostitution in Canada legal or not? I've been looking, but have up till now only gotten mixed messages when it comes to it's legality; just a jumble of legislative actions, court ...

canada prostitution  
asked by Tirous 7 votes
answered by Dale M 14 votes

What are some possible law suits or civil actions the Las Vegas shooting victims could take?

I assume that many, if not all of the businesses, corporations and individuals who were operating and supplying services at the time of the Las Vegas Strip shootings (Wikipedia) - such as hotels, ...

contract-law liability civil-law firearms nevada  
asked by BlueDogRanch 27 votes

Are homeless people protected by antidiscrimination laws?

I was in a restaurant in New Jersey (USA) recently and witnessed the owners telling a (possibly) homeless person that he couldn't come inside because he smelled too bad. Is this legal? More ...

united-states discrimination equal-protection  
asked by WillG 22 votes
answered by Tim Lymington 33 votes

Can the President be removed from office if he is deemed, by competent authority, to be unfit to carry out his duties?

Suppose, for example, that a sitting President is diagnosed with a mental illness that a competent authority decides makes the President unable to carry out his duties, but the President refuses to ...

asked by moonman239 5 votes
answered by cpast 11 votes

What's the difference between a clause, provision, condition and term?

In a contract, what's the difference between a clause, provision, condition and term? They seem to all refer to the same thing to me - which is basically any self contained point or requirement.

contract-law contract  
asked by Guy McG 2 votes
answered by Dale M 4 votes

Is the EU Settlement Scheme legal?

I moved to the UK 20 years ago when I was a 14-year-old child. I settled here - studied, worked, started my own business, had kids and so on. Because of the EU membership, I was guaranteed equal ...

united-kingdom human-rights brexit  
asked by Leo 25 votes
answered by SJuan76 56 votes

Am I allowed to kill a person threatening me? CA, USA

You are riding a public transit train and out of nowhere a man with blue jeans takes out a P99 semiautomatic pistol and takes the passengers hostage. Luckily you have a knife on you. But you don't ...

california murder self-defense  
asked by Ashley Madison 33 votes
answered by whatsisname 58 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Meaning of numbers in UK Parliament Sessional Papers

I have a (scan of) an 1858 volume of papers drawn from Sessional Papers of the British Parliament. These appear to be Command Papers, which, according to various sources, were numbered [1] to [4222] ...

united-kingdom legal-history  
asked by Inductiveload 1 vote

Is it illegal to refuse a man to enter a Women's Only Poker Tournament?

I read a story about men entering women's only poker tournaments. One example from the article states that eight men joined the field of over 1000 female poker players in the $1,000 buy-in 2009 WSOP ...

united-states discrimination new-jersey sex-discrimination transgender  
asked by Gimme the 411 1 vote

Does Iran allow promotion of Sunni in their country?

As far as I know Iran officially hold Twelver Shiism as the state religion. With that saying, does Iranian law prohibit people (especially in massive political/social movement) that promotes ...

religion religious-law  
asked by Rafid 1 vote
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