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Top new questions this week:

Is there an EU regulation mandating companies' IT equipment to be changed every three months?

I had visited with my university a Greek IT company that specializes in refurbishing used computers and peripherals. The executive that toured us had mentioned that there is an EU regulation that ...

asked by Theodore Tsirpanis 16 votes
answered by Lag 53 votes

Does the New York State Governor have the authority to impose fines?

The New York State Governor has allegedly declared a "fine for violations of the state's social distancing protocol from $500 to $1,000...." The government website claiming that declaration ...

civil-law new-york health covid-19 executive  
asked by feetwet 16 votes
answered by Mark 9 votes

Coronavirus - Exercise in a UK National Park

During the current Coronavirus lockdown in the UK (England), is it legal for me to: a) Drive for over one hour (alone) to reach the start of my walk. b) Walk for 4-5 hours (alone) keeping at ...

united-kingdom england-and-wales covid-19  
asked by MJH 12 votes
answered by Aurora0001 23 votes

Can the Thai government legally ban Thai citizens from entering Thailand?

I read on that the Thai government will temporarily block all inbound travel. Can the Thai government legally ban ...

travel thailand  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 8 votes
answered by bytebuster 5 votes

Does ICE have the legal authority to arrest illegal immigrants who came into hospitals due to COVID-19?

I am wondering if ICE has the legal authority to immediately arrest illegal immigrants after they have received medical care at U.S. hospitals for COVID-19. I am referring to people who voluntarily ...

united-states criminal-law covid-19 illegal-immigration  
asked by user255577 5 votes
answered by user6726 18 votes

Does spousal privilege apply in the case of criminal conspiracy?

My understanding is that attorney-client privilege does not apply if the attorney and client are conspiring to commit a crime. My understanding is the basis of nullification is the theory that the ...

marriage attorney-client-privilege spousal-immunity  
asked by Alexanne Senger 3 votes
answered by bdb484 2 votes

History and purpose of "Train Wrecking" prohibition in US federal law

Recently, a California man was federally charged with "Train Wrecking" over an incident at the Port of Los Angeles1. I admit I was surprised that train wrecking is specifically a federal crime, since ...

asked by Shane 3 votes
answered by Dale M 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are employers legally allowed to pay employees in goods and services equal to or greater than the minimum wage?

In the United States, full-time employees (not contractors) must be paid a minimum wage per hour. Assuming both parties agree to it, are they legally allowed to be paid in goods and services equal to ...

united-states employment barter  
asked by Evorlor 29 votes
answered by Nuclear Wang 48 votes

How to prove that someone forged my signature on a contract that I was not aware of?

I found this similar question that already has an accepted answer. However, I don't fully like that answer because it says that "signed contract would not be binding if you can prove that it is ...

criminal-law contract-law fraud signature  
asked by Jonny 8 votes
answered by Alexanne Senger 3 votes

What is the liability of a person who signs as a witness?

I've seen this answer and this answer, but the answers don't entirely explain some things. For example, long back my boss wanted my signature as a witness signature on a contract for one of his ...

contract-law contract india signature  
asked by Nav 2 votes
answered by ohwilleke 4 votes

What if a restaurant suddenly cannot accept credit cards, and the customer has no cash?

If a restaurant normally accepts credit cards, and a customer eats a meal there, then tries to pay with his valid credit card, and the cashier says the credit card system is down and they can only ...

united-states debt  
asked by FlanMan 32 votes
answered by Owain 36 votes

Can a US President, after impeachment and removal, be re-elected or re-appointed?

This answer in its present form states If Donald Trump were impeached and blocked from running again (which is one of the things that impeachment can do, disqualify from office)... Is that ...

united-states constitutional-law president succession impeachment  
asked by WBT 30 votes
answered by phoog 46 votes

Would open source programs that use encryption be illegal under this draft of the "Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016"

The U.S. congress has a draft for a bill that would require companies to fetch information from a device when requested by a court. A consequence of this is that many types of security technology ...

united-states open-source-software cryptography encryption  
asked by PyRulez 53 votes
answered by WBT 17 votes

Why do prisoners spend so long on death row?

In the USA, once appeals have been exhausted, why do prisoners spend so much time on death row? My personal opinions on death penalty aside, I would expect that once the sentence is final, it should ...

united-states criminal-law capital-punishment  
asked by Ciclon Saramil 11 votes
answered by ratchet freak 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Rights to deal with tresspassing livestock (New Zealand)

I have a herd of sheep which keep coming onto my land, "fertilising" the ground and killing my fruit trees - and despite my efforts I have been unable to locate the owner of the sheep (The property ...

trespass new-zealand  
asked by davidgo 1 vote

Do DOT and EU 261/2004 also apply to Expedia (or other OTA)?

Department of Transportation and EU regulations clearly state that the customer is entitled to cash refund in case the airline cancels a booked flight. Obviously many airlines at the moment are ...

asked by Hilmar 2 votes
answered by Dale M 0 votes

How to interpret a Labor Condition Application (LCA) Posting Notice during the stay-at-home quarantine?

My colleague is now, like many of us, working from home due to the coronavirus. We're in NYC. She's also been applying for an H-1B though and received the following letter, which seems to say that ...

privacy immigration  
asked by Andrew Cheong 2 votes
answered by Andrew Cheong 0 votes
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