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Top new questions this week:

Can a website incur liability for linking to a funding campaign for a lawsuit against it?

A large website that hosts user-created content has recently announced that it is redacting links to a fundraising campaign for a lawsuit against it "under direction from [its] legal team." Is there a ...

internet liability new-york publishing  
asked by rockwalrus-stop harming Monica 30 votes
answered by Dale M 16 votes

What kinds of sanctions would be applied if you wrongly invoked the Fifth Amendment?

Under the Fifth Amendment, one might say at a hearing, "I refuse to answer on the grounds that it would incriminate me." Suppose the subject matter were embarrassing, but not necessarily criminal. ...

united-states fifth-amendment self-incrimination  
asked by Libra 21 votes
answered by user6726 25 votes

Game company goes bankrupt, another company wants to make a sequel how?

If a game company goes bankrupt but another company wants to make a sequel. Is it possible for the other company to obtain rights to make a sequel? Who would they even contact about this? p.s. I'm ...

copyright copyright-transfer  
asked by Trevor Wood 13 votes
answered by bdb484 24 votes

Mistakenly agreed with a scammer’s term of use

Say, someone was scammed by a false online bitcoin mining service. He invested some money to buy the scammer’s service, the service was said to produce bitcoins online at a very fast speed without any ...

united-states contract-law internet terms-of-service fraud  
asked by Akuta Hinako 13 votes
answered by Mark Johnson 22 votes

Threatening to discontinue a service for a client

Say someone advertises for their website and says "Its 100% free to sign up" then have them check a checkbox acknowledging that the owner of the site can cancel the service for any reason when they ...

contract-law advertisements extortion  
asked by user55665484375 11 votes
answered by Iñaki Viggers 22 votes

Employer withholds last paycheck in Virginia

I signed my exit interview form that stated I gave back my property that I had from the company during my employ and that I was receiving my last paycheck. The employer only put the check number on my ...

united-states labor-law virginia extortion  
asked by D G 8 votes
answered by IllusiveBrian 12 votes

Does "solicit" mean the solicitor must receive what is being solicited in context of 52 U.S. Code Section 30121?

Background The impeachment of Trump over the Trump-Ukraine scandal has been all over the news as of late for the public hearings. One of the things under scrutiny is the fact that President Trump ...

united-states executive  
asked by isakbob 6 votes
answered by DavePhD 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do people publicly admit to criminal activity and not typically get arrested?

I've noticed that people on YouTube and even on TV would sometimes say things like "I used to take lots of coke a few years ago" or "I used to smoke weed daily until this and that" or "Yea, I smoke ...

criminal-law online-piracy punishment  
asked by Jack 51 votes

Received a sticker on my car window on a private company car park

Quick story: I parked in my company car park (so I guess its private land), in a place where 'the bay is not marked'. I see many people parking in the same spot, and never have I seen a sticker on ...

criminal-law traffic  
asked by deeveeABC 5 votes

Landlord wants to switch my lease to a "Land contract" to "get back at the city"

I've been living at this place for about two months and my lease looks pretty typical. Nothing unusual. I've had no problems so far. Today my landlord called me and explained something about the city ...

united-states rental-property landlord ohio  
asked by BooleanCheese 54 votes
answered by David Siegel 74 votes

Can a police officer film me on their personal device in my own home?

A police officer was allowed into my home by another occupant before I arrived. During the encounter, I began recording the situation. After attempting to have me remove my sunglasses and stop ...

police recording illinois  
asked by Skarlett 19 votes

Can I legally make a website about boycotting a certain company?

Located in the US. Can I make a website which is specifically aimed at boycotting a certain company? There is no lawsuit between myself and the company. There would be no defamation on the website ...

united-states website  
asked by Frown 55 votes
answered by David Siegel 81 votes

Is it legal for a supermarket to refuse to sell an adult beer if an adult with them doesn’t have their ID?

Today I went with my dad grocery shopping at a supermarket in New York (ShopRite) and he put a six-pack of beer in the cart. They then wouldn’t let him buy the beer because they couldn’t ID me (21, ...

united-states new-york alcohol ixl identification  
asked by Louisa Carlson 41 votes
answered by sharur 88 votes

How can the US president give an order to a civilian?

I remember reading that the US president can give an order to a civilian via some special letter. (The example given involved an IT company employee ordered to install a back-door in the company's ...

united-states president  
asked by Diomidis Spinellis 28 votes
answered by David Siegel 32 votes

Can you answer these questions?

In England & Wales, how much latitude is there in the phrase "at business premises" in VERA S.29(2C)?

In the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 (as amended), Section 29, Subsection 2C, an exception is made to the offence of using or keeping a vehicle which is unlicensed, "if the vehicle is kept ...

england-and-wales vehicle statutes parking  
asked by Sam_Butler 2 votes

What is the legality behind landlords throwing away tenants belongings UK?

Me and my housemates have started having issues with our landlords, where they will dispose of any utensils left on the kitchen worktop or in cupboards without being cleaned. Before moving into the ...

united-kingdom contract-law landlord tenant tenancy-rules  
asked by Benjamin Anderson 1 vote

What happens in Ontario if the tenant does not move out at the end of the term?

The standard Ontario residential tenancy agreement states: The tenant does not have to move out at the end of the term. See Parts C and D in general information. However, Part C just states ...

rental-property landlord tenant ontario  
asked by Jimmy Vailer 1 vote
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