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Top new questions this week:

How can the UK government fine itself?

In this news story the UK government has been fined £500,000 but who is doing the fining? Is the government fining itself?

united-kingdom data-protection fines  
asked by sno 29 votes
answered by ohwilleke 39 votes

Why can the UK's Competition and Markets Authority tell Facebook to sell Giphy?

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) tells Facebook owner to sell GIF library Giphy. But since Facebook (now Meta) is an American company, what authority does the UK have to tell Facebook ...

united-states united-kingdom competition extraterritorial-jurisdiction  
asked by sno 17 votes
answered by sharur 49 votes

Can I modify the YouTube licenses in order to make a YouTube video about SO Content?

I would like to create a YouTube video about content from StackOverflow. The licenses of SO do not seem to be compatible with the two licenses offered by YouTube as described in an answer here. The ...

copyright licensing creative-commons  
asked by user2600312 14 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 17 votes

Legal requirement to publish land sale prices?

Is it a legal requirement in the UK to publish purchase prices for land (not property) or can this be omitted from such a public register on commercially sensitive grounds?

united-kingdom regulations  
asked by Mannie 11 votes
answered by Rick 29 votes

Why is trying to get "vaccinated" into a fake arm considered fraud (in Italy)?

I'm curious under what legal provisions this bizarre story falls under in Italy. An Italian man is facing charges of fraud after turning up for his Covid-19 vaccine wearing a fake arm. [...] After ...

fraud covid-19 italy vaccination  
asked by Fizz 10 votes
answered by Rick 28 votes

Is it copyright infringement to make a derivative work for personal use in the US?

In this comment, user253751 writes: You cannot create derivative works without permission of the copyright holder (even if you create it and keep it to yourself) really? That seems unconstitutional ...

united-states copyright derivative-work  
asked by David Siegel 9 votes
answered by David Siegel 10 votes

Is propensity evidence ever allowed as circumstantial evidence?

I, being a non-expert in any country's/state's law, was somewhat surprised when it was said that propensity evidence isn't, in Wisconsin, legal evidence; see between 5.57 - 8.15 in this video about ...

united-states criminal-law evidence wisconsin rules-of-evidence  
asked by user110391 8 votes
answered by bdb484 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it legal to publish email that someone sent to me?

I'm not asking whether it is ethical - that would be a totally different question. I'm asking whether it is legal? In my book - in my way how I interpret consensual reality - once I press SEND ...

copyright internet privacy hacking security  
asked by Figuring things out 17 votes
answered by jqning 11 votes

What options does a lawyer have if a client admits he is guilty but doesn't want to admit it to the court?

This question is inspired by this question. If a client tells his lawyer he is guilty of the crime but does not want to admit it to the judge, what options does the lawyer have? Must the lawyer admit ...

criminal-law lawyer  
asked by FunFacts12 4 votes

When will Pfizer et. al. be liable for injuries caused by the COVID-19 vaccine?

According to the PREP act, the companies developing and administering the COVID-19 vaccines cannot be sued for unintentional injuries resulting from the vaccine. I have seen enough commercials ...

united-states medical covid-19  
asked by Ryan_L 20 votes
answered by Michael Seifert 70 votes

Is it legal to swear at school?

First, is it legal to use profane language in school (specifically a high school in California, United States)? Also, what is the maximum punishment allowed for a student using profanity (assume the ...

united-states california education language  
asked by Pokemon Go 6 votes
answered by ohwilleke 11 votes

To what extent is suicide legal in the U.S. and in individual states?

At one point, legal scholars referred to suicide as a form of self-murder (for example, see Coke or Hale). Are those who take their own lives guilty of some crime, or have some forms of the act been ...

united-states suicide  
asked by Pat W. 9 votes
answered by HDE 226868 11 votes

When is cursing illegal in the U.S.?

For example, I've heard before that it's actually illegal to swear at a police officer (I've also heard that's true in the U.K. as well, although that's not my question). However, what counts as "...

united-states criminal-law freedom-of-speech  
asked by Parthian Shot 17 votes
answered by Andrew 18 votes

Can a public school in the USA force a 14yr old to create a Twitter account for a passing grade?

My youngest is a freshman & signed up for a program the school refers to as "co-lab". At my insistence. 2yrs ago, I attended a board meeting where the formation of the program was introduced. At ...

united-states education social-media school  
asked by Sandy R 142 votes
answered by Paul Johnson 145 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Do ACAT transfers of stock positions between brokers clarify as gross amount of US source income paid or credited to account?

This will probably be a bit tricky. Let's say a non-US person holds 100 US stock ETFs in US Broker A. Then does ACAT transfer of those 100 US stock ETFs to US Broker B. Then doesn't do anything else (...

united-states international tax-law  
asked by AndyTTT 1 vote
answered by ohwilleke 0 votes

How can I find whether a legal case has been filed against me in Germany?

I am a non-EU citizen who lived for a few years in Germany and left it a few years ago. My German landlord didn't pay my deposit back. When I contacted him by email about that, he responded by email ...

asked by Coala 1 vote

Can one use evidence obtained in NY in an MA court - specifically about wiretapping laws

New York is a one-party consent state. This means that only one party must consent to the recording of an in-person or telephone conversation. It is an E felony under New York's wiretapping law to ...

united-states new-york-state massachusetts wiretapping  
asked by KingsInnerSoul 2 votes
answered by Dale M 0 votes
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