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Top new questions this week:

Why is this contract worded like a client is talking to himself?

I'm looking at a sample contract for a graphic designer who is planning on doing freelance work. I don't understand why it says that the Client should obtain all copyright permissions for materials ...

copyright contract-law  
asked by Grafics 17 votes
answered by Just a guy 32 votes

If I add a copyright disclaimer to my app, am I exempt of charges?

I'm creating a Pokemon Wiki app for Android with a lot of data related to Pokemon, including images, names etc. I've seen in the Google Play store a lot of apps like mine that contains ads and in-app ...

copyright copyright-notice copyright-transfer authorship  
asked by Nexussim Lements 15 votes
answered by IMSoP 61 votes

Non Profit Granting Rights of Use of Software to For Profit

we have two organizations - one for profit and one non-profit, that are related. The Non-profit benefits from use of Slack, GSuite and other tools at a discount due to the non-profit nature of the ...

licensing non-profit  
asked by cobin123 8 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 25 votes

Secretly recorded audio to meeting with landlord and now starting a dispute against him. Can I submit it as evidence?

My ex-landlord preferred to communicate by in person meetings. I began covertly recording our meetings with the microphone on my phone. Only the audio was recorded, not the video. My ex-landlord was ...

privacy rental-property evidence recording british-columbia  
asked by Lobsteroid1 5 votes
answered by Just a guy 2 votes

How complex can a will or testament be?

How many resources will be expended to execute it? Is this process self-funding? Say, if it prescribes that assets should be disseminated only upon a condition, possibly many years in the future, can ...

asked by 2080 3 votes
answered by ohwilleke 5 votes

Does my university employer have a claim to the proceeds from an academic book I am writing?

I am a research scientist with a state university in the United States. I am an at-will employee, not tenured or tenure-track. Currently I am in the process of developing an academic book in my area ...

asked by cryptic0 3 votes
answered by user6726 5 votes

How easy/hard is it to make an adverse possession claim on a vacant lot in Virginia, USA?

I know each state differs in adverse possession laws but reading into Virginia, it sounds very easy to do. All one has to say is they maintained some portion of land for 10 years undisputed and now ...

asked by Dan 3 votes
answered by Just a guy 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If you are serving a life sentence, die, are legally declared dead, and are brought back to life, are you now free?

Apologies if this is too hypothetical and not allowed. I'm not trained in law, but am curious about the following question: If you are sentenced to 1 life sentence, die, are legally declared dead, ...

asked by Kevin 4 votes
answered by Dale M 8 votes

Suing a Police Officer Instead of the Police Department

My car was towed in Seattle for an alleged parking violation. I paid $350 to get it back and then went to court and had the violation dismissed. The police officer who wrote the ticket and called for ...

police government-officers official-immunity  
asked by bobuhito 52 votes

Who owns the washing machine?

This scenario is based on a real life event but is a purely hypothetical question (because this isn't remotely worth going to court or even arguing over). The situation seems surprisingly ...

united-states rental-property ownership  
asked by conman 21 votes
answered by Greendrake 40 votes

What laws are there regarding being pulled over by an unmarked cop car/undercover cop?

Although this has never happened to me, I've read and heard about people driving on the road and then being signaled (in some way, usually with reds and blues) to pull over for a ticket and the car ...

united-states police driving  
asked by Adam 18 votes
answered by feetwet 7 votes

Is it illegal to run away from a police officer in a way that provokes them, in the US?

So I know this is very silly and obviously hypothetical, but I've wondered about it for a while. Let's say you aren't doing anything (else) illegal, you don't have anything illegal on you, and you ...

united-states police freedom-of-speech  
asked by CuriousDawg 59 votes
answered by Jdahern 58 votes

Can a public school in the USA force a 14yr old to create a Twitter account for a passing grade?

My youngest is a freshman & signed up for a program the school refers to as "co-lab". At my insistence. 2yrs ago, I attended a board meeting where the formation of the program was introduced. At ...

united-states education social-media school  
asked by Sandy R 135 votes
answered by Paul Johnson 139 votes

Can a university legally enforce a policy preventing students from creating their own wireless networks?

I attend a university in the United States where the school policy states that "Students are not permitted to setup or use their own wireless networks." This includes personal hotspots that ...

united-states fcc  
asked by Noah 51 votes
answered by 9072997 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Does Tesla or Nikola have grounds to sue the other for trademark infringement?

Tesla and Nikola are both companies that produce electric vehicles, and both companies are named after the inventor Nikola Tesla. It seems to me that this could cause confusion. Does either company ...

asked by FlanMan 1 vote

Tournament vs gambling

In law, would this be considered as gambling - an investment tournament where people pay an entree fee and then pick a portfolio of 3 stocks. After some period the top 3 portfolios share the pot of ...

asked by Rick H 1 vote
answered by eleventyone 0 votes

TikTok/WeChat bans and open source software

The executive orders dealing with TikTok and WeChat don't apply to just those particular pieces of software, but "any transaction by any person, or with respect to any property, subject to the ...

united-states software open-source-software  
asked by Matthew Cline 2 votes
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