If you report your employer for wage theft, do you have to provide evidence you hold no shares and therefore FLSA applies?

How do you convince your manager to confirm you have no shares without making them suspect your building evidence you're reporting them?

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    Shares- do you mean a person who happens to hold (what on a percent basis is an insignificant amount of) stock in publicly traded company, or a percentage of a privately held company. In any case, a company needs to show that the employee is exempt, not the opposite. What makes you think you would have to prove you hold no shares, and how would a fist line manager know anyway?
    – Damila
    Apr 1 at 2:24
  • How does owning shares vs not owning shares make FLSA apply/not apply? I have not seen any wording in FLSA that makes shares ownership suddenly make FLSA not apply. FLSA exists to enforce fair contractual employment terms between employees and employers due to the power/knowledge disparity between the 2.
    – Questor
    Apr 1 at 22:49

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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies whether or not you own shares in the employer. You don't have to prove that you don't have shares in the employer.

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