My school has banned every student from sending e-mails to each other. I'm not sure if this is a thing that schools are allowed to do or not, but I feel that they shouldn't be able to. Our school is small so having full servers isn't the issue, I think that this shouldn't be allowed.

PS - Would I be able to file a lawsuit against the school?

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    Has the school issued a complete ban on email communication between students, or is it somehow limited in time (not during school hours) or resources (not using school equipment/addresses)? Commented Apr 11 at 15:06
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    Or limited to the use of a school-specific email system? And can it be categorized as “the government” or is it a private institution? Commented Apr 11 at 15:40
  • There are a lot of different circumstances that could change the answer, but as you've described it, it certainly sounds like a First Amendment violation. I practice in this area in your state, so I don't want to comment on it publicly beyond saying that you should look for an Ohio lawyer who does First Amendment law.
    – bdb484
    Commented Apr 11 at 16:04
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    If it's only related to use of the school's computer, they almost certainly have the right. They can also have policies about what you do while at school (many schools have been implementing policies regarding non-emergency use of cellphones).
    – Barmar
    Commented Apr 11 at 22:06
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    @NeilMeyer That's what I said, many schools prohibit use of phones during class.
    – Barmar
    Commented Apr 12 at 19:13


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