Let's say I created a website called "MOTRADES.COM", and let's say it stands for "Members Only Trades". The purpose of this website is to create a community where people can post items for sale or trade. I have secured the usernames "MOTRADES" for Facebook and Twitter.

I have a simple logo for this website, a box with the letters "MO" in the middle (vertical and horizontal) that I use on the web pages and as the icon.

I am familiar with filing a trademark, I helped a friend file his servicemark and trademark for his business. I only say this to let you know I have knowledge of the process, but not to say I'm in no way a pro at this.

I have enough money to file (2) marks. I want to get this right. I can file more down the road, but for now, cash is limited.

I'm getting confused on the product vs service part.

The question is two parts:


I believe since it's both a product AND a service, so do I register it as a trademark or servicemark?


I have the same first question, whether it is (or represents) a service or a product, so I'm confused if I file it as a servicemark or trademark.

Do I file this as a basic word mark or design? If word mark, do I register it as word mark "MO" and as mark drawing code "(3) design plus words, letters, and/or numbers" or "(5) words, letters, and/or numbers in stylized form".

If I register the word mark "MO" as a black and white image am I only protected when I use it in the color scheme?

Does it matter if the corners of the box are rounded or not, in relation to above question?

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