According to (1), anyone in France may ask for a copy of a judicial decision. If one decides to make it available publicly, e.g. on a website, the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) demand to be de-identified (2). What information must be removed from judicial decisions in France when made public?

I am looking for an exhaustive list, such as the list defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules in the United States that list all types of information that must be removed from a patient note before it can be shared publicly:

(i) Names of patients and family members
(ii) Addresses and their components
(iii) Dates (month and day parts, unless the inclusion of the year part identities an individual to be older than 90 years old)
(iv) Explicit mention of ages over 89 years old
(v) Telephone and fax numbers
(vi) Social Security numbers
(vii) Medical record numbers
(viii) Health plan beneficiary numbers
(ix) Account numbers
(x) Certificate or license numbers
(xi) Vehicle identifiers and serial numbers
(xii) Device identifers and serial numbers
(xiii) Electronic mail addresses
(xiv) Web universal resource locators (URLs)
(xv) Internet protocol (IP) addresses
(xvi) Biometric identifiers
(xvii) Full face photographic images
(xviii) Employers
(xix) Any other unique identifying number, characteristic or code

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