As a non-lawyer, I have an understanding of the terms in the subject line that comes from TV shows, stuff I heard somewhere, Facebook, etc. And that understanding so far is this:

  • Rendition is the act of one state handing someone over to another state.
  • Extradition is the legal proceeding in which a court in the state where the person is found decides whether to hand them over.

Does this correspond in some way to reality? What revisions might my understanding need?

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Rendition is the act of surrendering a person or object, generally used in the context of transfers between jurisdictions.

Rendition can also be use more broadly, in the context of producing evidence or witnesses.

Extradition is a type of rendition, relaying specifically to criminals or suspected criminals, where states have a treaty which require or allow them to do so.

  • If this is right, then why is it that when the suspected criminal decides not to contest the transaction, his lawyer says that he "waives extradition"? Nov 16, 2023 at 2:58

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