I read on EricaJoy's salary transparency experiment at Google:

It's illegal to retaliate against employees for sharing salaries.

Is that so, in the United States?


Certain kinds of pay secrecy measures are illegal under the National Labor Relations Act, a 1935 law. It's not the strongest prohibition, however, because the consequences of violating it are rather weak (especially compared to other employment claims). Some government entities or contractors are under more stringent rules by executive order, and states may have their own laws. Here's a Department of Labor fact sheet.

Here's a 2014 NPR story on the subject.


For a different jurisdiction, Australia, salary confidentially clauses are binding ... on the employer only; employees can take out full page adds in the paper if they want.

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    Do you have a citation for this statement? – March Ho Jul 25 '15 at 12:18

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