MAGIX likes to sell sound packages that they proclaim as "license-free and royalty free content for non-commercial use only" (e.g https://www.cloudswave.com/creative-tools/s/magix-soundpool-dvd-collection-20/compare/magix-video-slideshow-sound-archive-8/ ). Sometimes they offer products that they advertise as "completely license and royalty free" but if you inquire they still tell you they are for non-commercial use only. I would have thought that prohibiting commercial use inherently require a license, and that "license-free" inherently meant that the content could be used commercially. Is my assumption incorrect?


They can't.

It seems that what is going on here is that someone doesn't actually understand what "license" means.

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  • Then I guess the question becomes how a court would rule on it, but frankly I'd rather buy from a company that understands how licensing works and is straightforward about their products. – user45623 Sep 23 '16 at 21:03

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