I had made some code of mine publicly available under the MIT License. (See the actual copy of the license file here)

The license as per norms starts with the lines

The MIT License (MIT) 
Copyright (c) <year> <copyright holders>

If you would have seen the license file attached with my code, I have used a well known alias of mine. By well known, I mean that all my public profiles on the internet use this alias.

But this is not my legal name.

  • Is it not advisable to do so, in context of copyright laws?
  • Do you see me running into any legal troubles claiming violation of copyright because I used an alias?
  • If I did want to use my alias, what steps would you suggest I undertake, so as to not run into trouble if I wish to claim copyright in the future.

You do not need to use your real name. See this document, pertaining to pseudonyms and copyright (there may be different requirements in India). If you register the copyright (in the US a prerequisite for an infringement lawsuit), leave the author name blank, but you can use the pseudonym for the copyright claimant. The main problem would be establishing identity, i.e. establishing that you are that theManikJindal – the photo helps.

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