I am in a situation where my friend was not able to get a phone contract under his name, and I being a good friend agreed to add a line to my account and leased a phone for him (all under my account).

Recently we had a few misunderstandings and the person decided to stop making lease payments on the device. I reached out to the person and advised him that I (we) do not own the phone, so he must either return the phone to me so I can bring it back to the Carrier or start making the lease payments, and he ignored my requests.

Due to the above, I am interested in bringing this person to court. Now, my question: Is that even possible? What's the term used for this legal situation? What paper work would I file with the courts to get this moving?

State: New Jersey


Yes. The term for this situation is a "civil dispute." It can be resolved via a civil claim. In New Jersey, for claims under $3000, you can use the Small Claims courts. The process is designed to be followed without the assistance of counsel. Let the internet be your guide.

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