In 2010, I was arrested and charged with felony evading arrest/detention with a motor vehicle. This is a state jail felony in Texas. The charge was later reduced from a state jail felony to a Class A misdemeanor. I was convicted and served 90 days in county jail with no probation afterwards.

I am worried that even though I don't have a felony on my record, having a Class A misdemeanor could potentially make finding a job more difficult. I took an online quiz that said I was eligible for "background check removal." Is this the same thing as having it expunged? And if not, is it possible to have this conviction expunged from my record?

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    "Background check removal" sounds like a scam that does not clear your record. I do not know how a criminal record is sealed or expunged in Texas, however, and will leave that to someone else. – ohwilleke Nov 29 '16 at 10:03

Expunction may be possible for instance if you are acquitted, later proven innocent, pardoned, and various other things that fall short of being convicted and doing the time. The entire law is here (Texas code of criminal procedure 55.01).

There is also the option of an order of non-disclosure, overviewed here. A requirement for such an order is that you were placed on and completed deferred adjudication community supervision, which from what I can tell is not what happened.

"Background check removal" may range between simply taking your money and doing nothing, to doing what you could do yourself to get free of traces via radaris, intelius, spokeo, and so on to "request removal" from that web site. This will not make your record unavailable, because these websites don't have any special powers to reach into and manipulate state records.

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