I am having a bit of a dilemma when it comes to the music of my video game, my struggle relies on what do I have to do to get the "rights" of a certain song. What is the process should I follow.

I have heard a song on Soundcloud which I think suits my game theme, the first thing that came into mind is asking the author if I could use his song on my game(giving credits to him on the credits section). If he says I can not use his song, how do I have to approach him with the intention trying to make him sell the rights of that song to me so I can use it on my game (also giving credits to the main author of it).

I am a bit new to this things and I do not know how to handle them properly, I would appreciate a bit of help.

Sorry in advance because I struggle to explain what is in my mind.

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This is a good overview from Google: Licensing Songs For Video Games By Todd Brabec, ASCAP Executive VP of Membership and Jeff Brabec

For pre-existing songs, there are a number of different ways to license music in this area depending on the success of the song being used, the type of video game, how the game is distributed and the policies of the manufacturer. Some of the major issues that will be covered in many of the licenses follow. https://www.ascap.com/Home/Music-Career/articles-advice/ascapcorner/corner16.aspx

First, read that to know what you may be dealing with in terms of contracts and licenses. The artist on SoundCloud may not be represented by a music company, such as ASCAP or BMI, but it is good background for what you want to do.

Then contact composer/artist of that song through their Soundcloud profile. They may want to license their music, and if so, you may need to deal with a music company, or at very least, a lawyer to draw up a contract.

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