In France, the Article 1316-3 (mirror) created by Law n°2000-230 on March 13, 2000 - art. 3 JORF March 14 2000 says that:

"L'écrit sur support électronique a la même force probante que l'écrit sur support papier."

which can be translated as:

"Writing on electronic media has the same evidential value as written on paper."

Does this mean that if some legal entity ( e.g., a bank ) asks me to fill up, sign, and return by snail mail a form they sent to me by email, I can instead email them the completed and signed form, and the legal entity is legally forced to accept it (i.e., they cannot ask me for snail mail)?

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"Same evidential value" doesn't mean that the person making an offer can't place stricter conditions on how you can indicate acceptance of an offer.

That is, sure, they could take your electronic signature and use it as strong evidence in court. But they want a physical, pen-on-paper signature.

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