Swedish news reports that a convicted mass-murderer who is serving a life sentence has during his time in prison become a father of 3 or 4 new children. Is that a common practice?

It surprises me that the legal system should accept that kind of relations for a murderer while there are other persons in confinement that may not have that kind of relations, for instance a person in involuntary medical care may not have that kind of relations.

And also a bit contradictory since the Swedish criminal system recently moved another convicted murderer to a new prison just because he had a romantic relation in his prison.

Would the criminal law in USA allow a convicted mass-murderer to have sexual relations or procreate?

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In the US, only a few states allow conjugal visits by prisoners: California, Connecticut, New York and Washington. Details of implementation for Washington are here (it is called "Extended Family Visiting"). There are various limitations, for example you can't have committed homocide within the last 5 years, you can't be on death row, and so on. Although they don't explicitly say you can have sex, you can, and they have (a small sample of) contraceptive and STD-preventing technology for prisoners to avail themselves of. If you fail to take advantage of contraceptives, then yes it is possible. There is no provision pertaining specifically to mass murder.

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