Lets say im in the hostpital or a supermarket. and somone just died from somthing unknow, what seems to be a virus or any other transmissible disease. am i in legal right to use letal force to prevent someone from leaving the erea. we propably have all seen that cenario in a movie so i wonder, would i be in my legal rights to stop someone from going outside and spread it?..



  • You have no idea whether this person is even likely to be infected by anything whatsoever.
  • Second, even if you did know they were infected, you are not facing an immediate threat of violence.
  • Third, even if you knew this person were infected, and they began to approach you, and that was deemed an immediate threat of violence (it wouldn't be), you would have less forceful alternatives available to you.

You can't unilaterally decide to implement a quarantine and enforce it with deadly force. Even for those with the power to establish quarantines, their enforcement tools are fines and imprisonment. (CDC: Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine)

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