When I use a photo licensed under Creative Commons (from Flickr) on a website I make, what is the required way to give attribution?

Assuming the license allows commercial use and changes with attribution could I include the title, creator, and a tinyurl to the flickr image in a corner of my modified image? Or would that leave something out that I need to include?

If I need to include more information, are there more aesthetically pleasing ways to do this?

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You aren't required to include the attribution on the image, you can include it somewhere else on the page, placing it directly below the image is preferred, but providing it at the end of a post is acceptable.

enter image description here Image Capture: Attributing Creative Commons Materials. CC BY 2.5 Australia.

(↑ See what I did there?)

For best practices for providing attribution, see the Wiki: Best practices for attribution.


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