I've got a freelance contract signed with an UK based customer, saying that I should do my best to devote at least 174 hours a month (that's 21 days working 8h/day).

I'm based on Spain, where I'm paying my taxes. 3 months taxes nearly equals one month's billed ammount.

Are those 174 hours a month the equivalent to a full-time commitment? Should my client be in charge of paying my taxes or I should pay them in UK (under PAYE)?

ps: I'm only working for this client.

  • I'm only working/billing for this client, as for the last 5 months. – joseconstela Feb 28 '17 at 16:18

After calling Hacienda (Spanish version of HRMC), this is a completely legal and usual situation.

But, as I'm economically dependient from my customer, I've the right the ask my customer for a TRADE freelance contract ("Trababador autónomo económicamente dependiente" / "Economically dependent self-employed worker"), which my customer should sign.

It will allow/protect the freelance for the following benefits:

  • Formalize a economically dependent self-employed contract in writing
  • Annual break of at least 18 working days. (+ bank holidays)
  • Choose your representatives.
  • Compensation for damages incurred when the contract is unjustified-broken.
  • Signing agreements of professional interest.
  • Access to the jurisdiction of the social.

Find more information at http://infoautonomos.eleconomista.es/seguridad-social/trabajadores-autonomos-economicamente-dependientes/

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