This started in the money SE, but has escalated.

My wife received a traffic ticket 10 years ago in Nevada. We're currently in Vermont.

She paid it, but didn't keep a record. Within the last few months, she was contacted by collections on behalf of the court. Since then she has been in contact with the court, and they are now demanding payment.

We're really not sure where to go from here, since we have no record of payment, it's likely the bank she had at the time didn't keep the record, and we have to prove she paid this for the sake of her credit. They have also been talking about license suspension.

Can Nevada interfere with her ability to renew her license in VT? Is she at risk of arrest in VT for a Nevada bench warrant?

Do we have any recourse regarding what I'm assuming is a clerical error on the part of the courts?

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    First of all, banks, by law, have been keeping copies of checks on microfiche for about the past 50 years, for tax and other legal purposes (unless the bank went out of business). It may cost several hundred dollars to retrieve it, but the bank will have a ten year old record. – Libra Sep 24 '17 at 16:07

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