I wonder what should I do with my bank accounts after leaving the UK. Is it legal or illegal if you still you account in the UK when you are living outside EU now - and if you are not an EU citizen too?

I still have my bank accounts after leaving the UK for nearly 5 years now. I still have some money in them.

Is it illegal to keep them there then? What should I do so that it is legalised? Can I move them to other country in the EU, eg. Estonia?

Estonia offers e-residency and with that you can open a bank account there. Should I move the money I left in the UK to Estonia then?

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    Some banks by policy will not open accounts for non-EU non-permanent UK residents. So apart from laws, you should also check whether your bank allows you to continue the account after you left. – user6726 Apr 18 '17 at 19:14

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