I have a friend in Oregon who has some 1911 frames that i would like to buy from him. Is this possible with me being a California resident. Also, can a non-California resident, who will be relocating to California, bring into California his handguns if they are not on the Californian roster?


You may love to see the DOJ. Think about the bright side: if you accept a gun without registration, you could be implicated in whatever has been done using it, even if you claim you have not known (you say, 1911: within reasonable time limits, yet guns have butts, too). The DOJ are going to have guidance on procedures, up to date.

"The California Department of Justice ("DOJ") retains information about the purchaser and seller of all in-state firearm sales and transfers, and requires that any firearms imported into the state be reported to the DOJ.The Attorney General is required by law to maintain a registry containing the fingerprints and identifying information of the transferee, and the unique identifying information of every firearm transferred in the state, pursuant to §11106."


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  • The first paragraph is very odd. If you are not fluent in English that might explain some of the problems with it, but even so I don't see how it addresses the question. – feetwet Apr 25 '17 at 21:21
  • @feetwet I'll skip the usual: I understand you had a difficult childhood and your English teacher must have been critical on you, since you make the comment on fluency whether it belongs the place or not -- instead, I advise you read the question. – Teresa Pelka Apr 26 '17 at 20:30
  • I've been suggested Eddie Murphy "Golden child" kind of comprehension for the first paragraph "butt"; the context excludes it, I think, By the way, if to look up yellow, blue, or white pages en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butt_(name) – Teresa Pelka Apr 27 '17 at 20:42
  • My comment was not intended as an insult. If it's possible that something was lost in translation we can help edit it. If it says what you meant it to say then I'm just confused. (And I suspect at the very least you know little about firearms: For example, "1911" frames are still being produced today.) – feetwet Apr 27 '17 at 22:06
  • @feetwet: It happens people know one another for years, still, as mind reading fortunately does not happen (conversation would not be interesting, with it), in a verbal exchange, the persons clarify on meaning whenever necessary, without going into comments on fluency (as for which, meeting the requirement could not be so difficult). I do not know much about guns, but I know they all have two ends, and one cannot be so altogether certain about the things -- it is always better to have them seen by relevant authorities. – Teresa Pelka Apr 29 '17 at 5:44

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