I have made a funny site not really trying to be serious, which may involve hitting your head on a wall. I state this is a joke, and not meant to be taken seriously. But I'm just trying to cover my bases, and make sure I'm not open to a law suit.

It's not currently available to the public, but I would like it to be.

I am located in California, if that helps.

The terms listed are as follows:


Please note:

This is not medical advice. 

This is not meant to be taken literally. 

Any bodily harm that may come of this is at the sole discretion of the "idiot" taking this literally. 

This is a joke. 

Also may not relive stress, and instead cause head ache, or severe brain injury.

Am I susceptible to claims of damages if someone takes the gag/joke seriously and hurts themselves as a result? What can I do to mitigate this?


Pardon the pun, but you must be joking.

There is no possibility that a lawsuit based on someone following obviously self-destructive advice on an obviously humorous website would succeed.

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