I am going to accept a job in Dublin, Irealnd but I also have an opportunity of getting a work contract in the Czech Republic. The latter job would be mostly remote (it would require me to visit the Czech Republic from time to time) and I could manage having both of them.

I am an EU citizen. I am going to keep apartments in both countries.

  1. Do I have to notify my employers about the situation? (There is no conflict of interest between these two posts.)

  2. How about the health care? Can I use it freely in these two countries?

  3. Would this situation lead to pension problems in the future?

  • Great question. Alas, #2 and #3 are completely outside my area of expertise and while I could take a stab at #1 I'll leave that to someone with more expertise in that area than I as well. – ohwilleke Jun 8 '17 at 21:54

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