One of the episodes of Top Gear (Series 18, Episode 1), where they're testing some supercars in Italy, involves them being stopped by the police officers.

The characters feared speeding; turns out, they were stopped for working on a Sunday without a permit! (Only in Italy!)

Is it true that you need some kind of a special permit to work on a Sunday in Italy?

P.S. Prompted by the comment in Do you need to obey an obstructed traffic sign?

  • I'm intrigued by this question, also because I'm Italian, and I plan on writing a complete answer, once I find a bit of time. The situation is unclear and we just hear a few words by the Police officer, so it's difficult to say exactly what was going on. Generally speaking, you don't need a permit to work on Sundays. They might have needed a permit either to shoot the video on a public highway on a holiday, or to drive supercars on Sunday (during some Sundays, there are traffic restrictions to reduce pollution).
    – A. Darwin
    Mar 31 '16 at 12:15

To get your "facts" from T.G. Is about as reliable as getting your daily facts from the D.P.R.K. News.(a quote from someone).. A. There a bunch of "Limys".B. There British. They have been wrong more then once. I know that in certain areas of Italy you do need special-special permits when working on Sunday's.. This has something to do with trade unions,Goverment Regs. And the good old mafia.. The mafia requires "payment" when filming in Venice.. I will say this if you plan on working in France rejoice as the work day is regulated at 7.0hrs. A day. WoW a 35hr work week and I think a 5 week vacation a year plus holiday-days and also women get like 16-24 weeks "maternity" leave depending on how many kids at birth 16 for 1 and 26 for twins and it's paid!! The bad thing is certain parts of the year due to vacation time whole towns and shops seem to be closed. You don't have to worry about Sunday work permits as there's no guaranteed O.T.

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    Hi and welcome to Law.SE! This site is different from traditional discussion forums - it's about focused questions and answers. So the parts of your answer about Top Gear's ethnicity, the Mafia, France, etc, are not really germane to the question and should probably be removed. This site is about Law, so the most relevant part of your answer is where you allude to "government regs", and this could be a great answer if you can give more details: can you cite the specific sections of the Italian legal code where this requirement is created, or at least give links where specifics can be found? Jan 12 '17 at 14:43

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