I don't know if this is the right place for this question or if there is a better one, if so, please forgive me :)

I recently bought an Apple Watch and soon enough found out that WhatsApp does not support the Watch, which made me kind of sad. Since i'm a software developer, I had the idea of simply building and distributing such an app through the app store for the other watch owners that felt the same. After searching a little bit, I found some code that I could get working which interacts with web.whatsapp.com, but also stumbled upon this repository where the developer seems to have gotten into trouble with the WhatsApp Inc.

Since I am not experienced in any kind of law (especially not american), I wanted to ask whether it is allowed to build such an app (in general). Where the boundaries of that are, especially for making profit of it, like: In-App-Advertisment, Donations or other ways of making profit. Another interesting thought on profit was to make a website that acts as landing page, that has advertisment on it, what about that ?

As far as I know I am also not allowed to use the Trademark "WhatsApp", any name that is close to "WhatsApp" or their logo or a logo that is looks too similar to the WhatsApp Logo ?

I know that are many questions and it's probably super specific, but that's why I would be even more stoked if somebody could answer them! Thanks in advance!

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When you download any SDK, it will most likely come with a license that will tell you exactly what you are allowed to do with the SDK. You'd need to read the license. It will hopefully be designed to be interpreted correctly by non lawyers. To be safe, you'd need to present it to a lawyer and pay them for advice.

Without knowing details, it is impossible to say why exactly that other developer got into trouble for. If you can find out something, then you know what you should avoid. Best advice would be to not step on their toes, and to not do anything that would annoy the company.

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