I have a US-based LLC. The LLC is a service oriented company as opposed to product oriented. And all work is performed in the US. A UK-based client is delinquent in payments.

The amount in dispute is under $10k.

Is it possible to effectively implement some sort of debt collection from the US for a UK-based company (with no US offices)?

Given the value of the claim, is it worthwhile to pursue any formal legal action (small claims)? If so, what country would the legal action need to originate from? Would one file in the US and note the foreign defendant or would one file, as a foreigner, in the home country of the defendant?

  • Might be an idea to find the Crown Prosecutor for the UK county where the business is and give them a call/letter and tell them you're being ripped off. Like a county attorney in the US, they might advise the company to settle up. Could be cheaper than hiring a solicitor to handle a court case for you. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Prosecution_Service – BlueDogRanch Sep 16 '17 at 2:37

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