I have an online programming tutorial published with CC-BY-NC-SA license.

Does the NC (Non-Commercial) mean that no one may print it and sell as a book?

Does it mean that no one may publish it on their website and put ads to get money from it?

P.S. And, for what it's worth, if I accept contributions from other people, how can I ensure that I still can do what I described here? Sell/put ads/do whatever I do when the book is fully mine.

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Many argue that "NC" doesn’t allow someone selling the work or using advertisements next to it, but some argue that "NC" does allow selling/advertisements as long as no profit is made.

The license itself doesn’t seem to define it clearly. See:

If you include contributions which are licensed to you under CC BY-SA-NC, you have to follow the license yourself. You may only ignore the license if you are the sole copyright holder or if you got the permission from the contributors (they could license their contributions under a compatible license to you, they could accept a CLA, etc.).

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