What is the difference between:

  • ISC License
  • MIT License (Expat)
  • BSD 2-Clause License (FreeBSD/Simplified)

The ISC seems to be a simplification of MIT and FreeBSD Simplified after Berne convention.

This license is functionally identical to the MIT/Expat and the Simplified BSD licenses, discarding some language that was made unnecessary by the Berne convention.

But answers on this Stack Exchange question recommend avoiding ISC because it is too vague.

But I also see that ISC was patched since so it is good to use now:

Regarding the ISC terminology, Wikipedia states, 'Before accepting the license as a free software license, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) asked for clarification of the text. In July 2007, as a result, "and distribute" was changed to "and/or distribute".' So the license reads, "...modify, and/or distribute..."

I don't know if this wikipedia article is up to date and accurate but it seems to show that ISC is more vague about Patent grant, Private use, Sublicensing, TM grant.

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