I have ongoing proceedings at https://courttribunalfinder.service.gov.uk/courts/croydon-magistrates-court-and-family-court

I had a hearing on 20th Nov 2017. Next hearing is scheduled for February. I'd like to include additional information.

Mr Stefanow understands there will be a chance to speak to the Cafcass and the Court in January and February 2018.

Before these dates there is an opportunity for a few “back and forth” iterations, so that by the time we see each other in person, we will obtain more information - therefore have more productive hearing.

Back in a day (form C100) I had to send 4 copies to the court.

Option A:

Send 4 copies to the Court, suggest they should pass the copies to other parties.

Option B:

Send a copy to each party involved. (not sure if I have the latest postal address)

Tell the Court copies have been sent.

(I don't think that is allowed, I believe all communication should be routed via the Court)

Option C:

Do something else.

Option D:

Do nothing. Communication with Court, despite best intentions, is not recommended, not advisable.

Surely there is an established standard.

Just don’t tell me me “consult your lawyer”, the situation is pretty simple here.