I have a logo design that I want to trademark, in addition to trademarking the design of an invention (as additional IP protection in addition to a patent). I started with a reverse Google image search, and came up empty (good!).

Next, searched the PTO site (http://tess2.uspto.gov/tmdb/dscm/dsc_26.htm#26), found a few possible Division IDs. However the number of results were around 8k each.

My question: Is there a tool that can return long pages of images from the PTO site similar to a Google image search? I found WIPO (http://www.wipo.int/branddb/en/), and though I can upload an image as a filter, I can't seem to wildcard the text field to be empty in order to just search the images. Has to be an easier way, but my searches have come up empty.

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Under the TESS "Free Form search" you can specify one or more design codes (chosen from the USPTO online catalog of them) with or without "design description" fields, and display the resulting images in a matrix by clicking "image list" on the "results" page.

For instance, searching by 080112[DC] results in 1,616 records having designs containing the image of a "pizza". It can be narrowed by any other criteria, including registered or not, dates, owner's location, class of goods, etc.


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