For example, I know someone who was hired in the US for companyX. CompanyX has three locations, one in the Netherlands, one in the US, and one in Australia. CompanyX told my friend that he must work in the Netherlands for 4 years and afterwards will be working in the US branch. To my knowledge, my friend is working on a visa. If my friend sexually harasses someone on the job, is he tried based on US law or EU law? And if it's EU then is he more protected than in the US?

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    – A.fm.
    Feb 3 '18 at 8:23

If your friend is in the Netherlands, and goes to court for something he did in the Netherlands, then quite obviously he will be tried under Dutch law.

I'm not aware of any particular protections for anyone who sexually harasses others on the job, neither in the USA nor in the Netherlands. Is that actually the question you wanted to ask?

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