I am from Sweden and I have a friend who lives in Serbia. My friend produces cheese, honey and wine. I'm helping my friend to investigate what would be involved in order to export his produce to Sweden.

I have started a dialogue with the customs authorities in Sweden, and it seems quite bureaucratic and complicated. I'm also investigating an alternative route: import the produce from Serbia to Hungary. Once it is in Hungary, I think it will be easy to export it to Sweden, and we can do so without any special permits or certificates.

  • Once the produce is in Hungary, is it actually easy and straightforward to send it to Sweden?

  • What are the legalities involved when exporting the produce from Serbia to Hungary? I have assumed here that it is easier and less bureaucratic than exporting it to Sweden.


Serbia is not in the EU nor internal market, so when importing products you would have to follow specific product requirements, pay eventual import duties and internal taxes (VAT).

I would recommend checking out the European Trade Helpdesk for more information about this. As both Hungary and Sweden are in the internal market it should be the exact same procedure to import into either of the countries. Neither of them should be "easier" than the other as the rules are the same. Once the products are inside the internal market area you can freely transfer them anywhere.

  • Thank you! Did a query to the European Trade Helpdesk, here is a direct link for the query: trade.ec.europa.eu/tradehelp/… It's quite overwhelming though, and not very practical. :s E.g. there is a link to a document that lists roughly 500 maximum levels of contaminants, but it doesn't say anything about how one would go about getting the containment levels actually measured and approved. – Mikael Lindqvist May 22 '18 at 23:59

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