I receive $750 in SSI, plus $130 in SNAP, and every year, they ask if I'm paying room rental. Then I have to sign an 801 form. As of recent, I haven't been able to pay my parents, who are head of the household because I have two credit card bills, and I pay for phone and internet, and, because I'm blind, I take cabs a lot, like Uber and Lyft. I also buy my own groceries and meals. Since the house is technically owned by the bank, and the money I should be paying would help them pay for it, am I legally obligated to pay them in any way? If I said that I wasn't paying, my SSI could be cut, which might make it harder for me to pay those bills, and I always try to pay more than the minimum amount due on my two credit cards.

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    It is very unlikely that your parents' home is technically owned by the bank. If your parents bought a home with a mortgage, then they own the home, they owe the bank money, and in the wrong circumstances the bank could force them to sell the home. – gnasher729 Apr 6 '18 at 8:03

If I said that I wasn't paying, my SSI could be cut

If you are telling SSI that you are paying rent so they give you more money, and you aren't paying rent, that's fraud.

If you're filling out the form honestly, then your only obligation is to your parents. They are free to charge you or not charge you. Unless your name is on the mortgage, you have no obligation to the bank.

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