I am not an expert in Law and I apologize if I make a big mistake by choosing wrong words.

Since there are lots of new laws about data protection being enforced by courts, it became easier to see if a technological company processes personal data. Is there an easy way for me to find the companies which use personal data? I am looking for the companies which are in the internet&technology sectors.

I am trying HUDOC for example. But there is no such tags for me to find these easily.

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  • "personal data" is pretty broad in what it covers. Can you add an example of what you are trying to find? – Jason Aller May 3 '18 at 3:14

In the US we have the wall of shame. It’s a report of health care data breaches and is mandated by legislation.


I know this isn’t a complete answer, but I’m not sure there is a complete answer to this question.

  • It asks for companies which use (or process, though they're equivalent in context) personal data. Not this which have failed to protect the personal data they possess, but all companies that use personal data. That this answer was accepted shows how vague the question was, to the point it asks something the user didn't even apparently want. – Nij May 3 '18 at 19:11
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Every company uses personal data.

At the least, they keep the names and contact details of their officers, employees, customers and suppliers.

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