I would like to raise funding as I have developed some algorithms and software that and would like to keep in development for the public.

The research I have found talks of a company raising money via an ICO or crowdfunding 1 for startup companies, what about the case of an individual? I have found that an "an issuer cannot raise more than an aggregate total of $1 million in any 12-month period." according to Section 4(a)(6) 2 and am guessing that would include private individuals? Furthermore that there requirements for monetary amounts raised 3, that principle executive officer needs to deal with. Again though, there is no company. So what are the limits for an individual?

Furthermore, I have found concerning donation crowdfunding that: "To encourage higher donation amounts, the entrepreneur may also offer token rewards of increasing value or significance, while retaining full ownership of the project or company being funded."4. What if I issued cryptocurrency tokens as an encouragement? and then listed them on an exchange? I realize that some might see the tokens as a security, however according to this page 5 it seems that as "the cryptocurrency merely gives the holder the right to participate in a group effort (g., the development of software), it’s probably not a security.".

Any ideas?

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