I am having an Android App in which I want to track the usage of the app. But the usage will not have anyone identity for eg. I would collect one user used my app for around 10 minutes but who is that user I will have no clue.

Do I need to take a consent under GDPR before collecting those kind of data?

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You do not need consent provided that the real person using your app indeed cannot be identified (other than by employing forensic technologies).

Source — Recital 26: Not applicable to anonymous data.


It depends on what data you track. If, based on that data, user can be identified then those are "information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person" which falls under GDPR.

Check this for reference and this:

As a well known study shows, it’s possible to personally identify 87 percent of the U.S. population based on just three data points: five-digit ZIP code, gender, and date-of-birth.


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