Some time ago, the Seattle School District hired a man who had been convicted of child rape, kidnapping and murder and put him in charge of a girl's locker room. He was fired after he raped a fourteen-year-old student.

I recently discovered that this man has now racked up four dozen felony convictions. The situation is especially puzzling considering the fact that Washington has a three-strikes-and-you're-out law.

I would like to know if there's a way to determine this person's current status. In particular, is he now in prison and, if so, which prison? It would also be helpful if I could get a copy of his entire record. (I know that he was occasionally imprisoned while employed by the Seattle School District.)

It would also be helpful to know how he got around the three-strikes-and-you're-out law, though I may need to ask that question separately.


The Department of Prisons has a search page allowing you to search by name of DOC number, and it will tell you which prison the person is in. You can get information on Washington state criminal history (for a price) from the State Patrol. You can also get notification if you are a victim to or witness of a crime, registering here. You can check the definition of "persistent offender" and "Most serious offense", but rape, murder and kidnapping count, so unless the last offense was before 1993, it is puzzling.

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