I have a doubt. After several months of working a lot and spending some money, I managed to finish a website that I would like to see as my first business. I have purchased a domain and I am about to create the company in order to start billing. But I have 2 buddies who want to create a partnership with me, but I have a suspicion that what they want is to be there in case I hit the bucket, and I have the following question:

If the company was generating money and my friends did not dedicate themselves seriously to work in the company, given that I made the web and I bought the domain, could I create another company and continue operating the web, leaving them to them out of business?

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If you have doubts about your "friends" now, then the answer is quite simply that under no circumstances should you even consider a partnership with them.

If you think already how to get out of the partnership, then don't enter into the partnership. Should that company be successful, then your idea will at least get you into a lawsuit, and you might lose. Don't enter that partnership.

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