Suppose the express lane on a freeway has a 30 miles per hour work zone sign. After this sign, the entire freeway's speed limit is 85 miles per hour.

What is the exact speed limit for the road if the low speed limit is only on the express lane?

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If the speed limit is only on a express lane in a freeway, it means the cars in the express lane on the freeway must be slowed down to 30 miles per hour or slower, but the cars in the other lane (the collector lane) in the freeway must be 85 miles per hour or slower.

If after the speed limit on the express lane there is a 85 miles per hour speed limit on the express lane, the cars in the express lane must be 85 miles per hour or slower after the work zone speed limit. If not, then all cars in the express lane only can be 30 miles per hour or slower than 30 miles per hour.

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Consider that driving at 85 miles an hour just besides cars going at 30 miles an hour (a 55 miles per hour speed difference) is extremely dangerous and could cost your life. This is a situation where it absolutely doesn't matter what is legal, what matters is that you behave in a way that keeps you and others alive.

In most places there is a law that you must not drive at an unsafe speed. If you drive 85 mph besides a 30 mph express lane, and some accident happens, you can bet that any judge will tell you that you were driving at an unsafe speed, and the accident was your fault.

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