I was asked to show my ID when returning the item which I bought from their online shop. I brought it in to one of their shop in London to have my refund, however, they told me the card I used for the payment and the invoice were not enough to proof myself. They were saying for the security reason and the prevention of crime I had to show my ID otherwise they were going to refuse the refund. Do they have a legal right to ask my ID only for returning the items?

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    Depending upon the circumstances they may not even have a legal duty to provide a refund at all, in which case they can condition the refund upon any conditions that they wish. Why would you be concerned about presenting an ID to get a refund if you were already presenting the card used for payment and the invoice? How do they knew that you didn't purchase the time with a stolen card (in which case they would be justified in not giving you a refund)? – ohwilleke Jul 13 '18 at 5:05

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