My Father, who has custody of me, has threatened to force me to move out of his house. If I am 17, and live in Colorado can he make me move out?

He doesn't seem to care who I move in with but I think he is assuming I'll move in with my Mom (who does not have legal custody)

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I assume you are not legally emancipated. To evict anyone, there is a legal process – nobody can just kick a tenant out, without the appropriate court order. These guys describe the process for evicting an adult child (where the child does not have a lease and is a tenant at will). A custodial parent has a legal obligation to provide, among other things, a place for the child to live. Kicking a child out is contrary to that obligation, and could constitute child abandonment ("neglect" under CRS 19-3-102), and that is a crime. A court would not grant a parent's motion to evict a minor child. If a landlord takes the law into his own hands, as it were, he can be sued under CRS 38-12-510.

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    – feetwet
    Dec 15, 2020 at 22:11

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