I have a rent stabilized apartment, and the management company that owns the building generally does not provide timely lease renewals. This year, after I once again had to cajole them into (belatedly) sending a mandated lease renewal, they've added an interesting new twist to their usual procedures.

They failed to return a countersigned lease renewal within 30 days of receiving our signed copy, and when I contacted them to request a countersigned copy, they instead sent a letter claiming that my signature on the lease renewal didn't match their records and demanding copies of identifying documents (which they already have on file). I've thanked them for confirming receipt of the signed document, but I'm a little confused.

It's transparently a delay tactic, because they could just as easily have raised the complaint a month earlier when they received the signed document--but could they potentially be planning to actually decline to renew my lease at all, and to claim that I failed to sign it?

I notified them that I intended to renew, and notified them when I mailed a signed lease renewal. They have implicitly confirmed receipt of the signed document, and I am attesting in all of my correspondence with them that I have signed the document. Is there any room for them actually decline to fulfill their statutory obligation to countersign on the grounds that they don't believe it's my signature?

EDIT: They have also engaged in various tactics to try to force residents to produce documents that undocumented persons would not have (e.g., requiring government-issued ID in order to obtain key fobs after installing a new lock system), so maybe this is just a tactic to try to force out folks like my immigrant neighbors?

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