So basically I am in a situation where I finished my apprenticeship at a big company and was promised a pay rise in February that still hasn't happened. I was taken on with a fixed 12 month contract that started on the 18th of April (2017) and was offered a job in February, when I finished all the apprenticeship work. This was a verbal agreement with a director and I disagreed with the salary. I countered, he took it and said it needs to go through all the internal processes because it is a different contract now.

I have asked at least every other day since then and keep getting told it will be done when the CIO sorts it with the CEO. I have a few interviews lined up but the difference in back dated pay is £2025 and counting. I have been promised this repeatedly and keep getting told it is still going through the internal processes to be finalised and is with the CEO.

If I am successful in getting another job, am I entitled to the backdated pay after I hand my notice in? Or can they refuse to give it to me once I say I'm leaving?

  • Both! You are being screwed over. Start making a list of people who heard about this promise - if you persue it things are likely to get uncomfotrable. (I'm not in Wales/UK, but you may want to take a friend AND record the next few times it's promised - I think this is legal in UK) so you have evidence of the agreement. There are presumably labour tribunals of some sort - and you will want to show them evidence.... – davidgo Jul 23 '18 at 19:34

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