My attorneys allowed me to appear "pro se" in front of a judge in a "show cause" hearing which they attended. The outcome was detrimental to me. Have you ever heard of such a situation? The attorneys committed a number of ethical violations--if not crimes and legal malpractice--against me. I felt like they let me walk into a trap.

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    Is there something in particular you feel that your attorneys could have done differently to whatever you did which would have changed the outcome somehow? – brhans Aug 9 at 15:55
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    By detrimental outcome do you mean that the judge found you guilty of civil or criminal contempt?An attorney would do what you describe because of (1) judge's instruction to hear from you; (2) lawyer's incompetence; (3) lawyer's view that supporting your position contravenes the standards of professional conduct; (4) lawyer's interest to bill you more down the road; or (5) lawyer's preference to remain in cozy terms w/the judge or opposing counsel rather than protecting your interests. Providing more context about your situation will permit answers to be more precise, informative, or useful. – Iñaki Viggers Aug 9 at 16:25
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    You attorney would have a hard time preventing you from doing whatever you decide to do. Do you mean for example "he encouraged me to represent myself"? Or, "he failed to persuade me to follow his advice to be represented by an attorney"? – user6726 Aug 9 at 16:58
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    "My attorneys allowed me to appear "pro se" in front of a judge in a "show cause" hearing which they attended." There is clearly more going on here than meets the eye for this unusual situation to arise. I agree with @IñakiViggers that Without knowing more of the context regarding the hearing and the history of attorney involvement and the discussions that led to this happening, it is impossible to provide a meaningful or useful answer. Also, is this in the U.S.? An attorneys' duties are similar across the U.S. but very different in other countries. – ohwilleke Aug 9 at 20:45