Suppose I bought a used car with cash. On the way from dealership to vehicle registration office, the car ran into a severe crash and suffered a total loss. Do I still need to register my vehicle?

State: MO

  • Registration establishes ownership records with the State, was this total-loss accident a no-injury, no-property damage, and no emergency services situation, along with no-insurance? – Ron Beyer Aug 9 at 17:27
  • Hit and run. No injury, no property damage, and no emergency service, no police report. Full insurance for the car. – Ryan Aug 9 at 17:32
  • Your insurance company will probably want you to register it to prove that the car with the VIN you are claiming is registered to you and you are the legal owner. You should also have a police report about the hit-and-run regardless of the other party being there or not. – Ron Beyer Aug 9 at 17:43
  • "Property" includes cars, AFAIK. If your car was totaled then it seems like there was a lot of property damage and hence there should have been a police report (unless the value of your car was less than $500). – Nate Eldredge Aug 9 at 18:11

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