If I've given a company permission to hold an image of me - for a photo ID card, for example. Do they need any extra permissions to use facial recognition software?

The facial recognition software need only use the reference photograph I've already given them permission to and any CCTV is already recording all visitors/customers anyway.

As a little background as to why I wondered about the legal issues behind this:

There is plenty of regulation around other methods of identification ( see Protection of Freedoms act which covers fingerprints and DNA), with facial recognition being an automated, silent version of these forms of identification it made me wonder if any similar regulations covered the use of photographs.

Edit: Initially I was only interested in the UK but I would be interested to hear about regulations within other countries


That would depend on what license or permissions you gave the company when you gave permission to "hold" the photo.

I am not aware of any law which would require explicit permission for the company to run such an image through facial recognition software, but I would think if the image were provided whit an explicit restriction preventing this, that would be binding.

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