I worked for a company that payed for my first aid and CPR training. I have since then quit the job and am working elsewhere, however I need to show I was re-certified. The prior company is now refusing to give me the certificate and is asking for me to pay $50 to receive it. All of this happened in Texas, United States of America.

Is this legal and allowed?


I can't tell you if it is legal. But they did it, so your choices are:

  1. Contact whoever performed the training and ask whether they can give you a copy of those certificates. They may not be able to, they may charge a fee. The fee is likely less than $50.

  2. Pay $50 to your previous employer.

  3. Ask a lawyer to write a letter to the previous employer. It may work, but will cost you a lot more than $50.

  4. Ask a lawyer to take them to court. It may work, but will cost you considerably more than $50.

  5. Take the course again. I don't know about the cost in the USA, but you have a brand new certification, and you have brand new knowledge, so that is overall good for you.


Check the website of the organization that taught the class. If you're lucky, the electronic certificate is sitting there waiting for you.

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