Our vehicle was parked at our apartment complex and I noticed that there was a large scratch and dent on it. scratch and dent Rogue

Would this be called a hit and run? The person who did it did not leave a note or anything.

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"Hit and run" isn't a precise legal term, but there are laws against what many people call "hit and run" in California. §20002 of the Vehicle code covers property damage without injury, and violation of the section is a misdemeanor possibly resulting in up to 6 months in prison and a $1000 fine. If you cause property damage either while driving or because it was parked and became a runaway vehicle, you are required to notify the property owner. If the owner cannot be located at the scene, you must leave your contact information and a description of the circumstances, and you must notify the police. It is irrelevant whether this was on the street or in a parking lot, because the law will "apply upon highways and elsewhere throughout the State, unless expressly provided otherwise".

  • In many countries and in many situations the "hit and run" has much worse legal consequences if you are caught than the the accident itself. You might go to jail. Or for a reasonable harmless crash your insurance might refuse to cover you. (Usually they can't get around paying the victim, but they can ask for the money back, and they don't necessarily care whether prosecuting you is financially worthwhile). In your case easily $1,500 for replacing the door and the back plus a bit for the reduction in value if the culprit got caught.
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