Here's the situation: I have a personal blog website and a database of registered users to go with it. Last night I received an email from a person from Pakistan saying he has gained access to my database, and he attached a screenshot of my database as proof.

There was no explanation or request for money, but what strikes me is that, not only did he not try to hide his identity, but he friended me on LinkedIn as well!

If he requests money to fix it, it sounds a lot like extortion to me. If he destroys the database, it sounds a lot like destruction of property. But it would be great to get a professional opinion.

Can somebody tell me whether his actions are illegal in Pakistan? I.e. if I called the police in Pakistan and provided our email communication as proof, would he face any consequences? If so, what are the consequences?

  • You should check to see if the software you are using has known vulnerabilities or if there are upgrades, security patches, etc. This is the technical route, and it is almost certainly going to be much more effective than trying to get a legal remedy, assuming any exists. – Brandin Sep 17 '18 at 15:43

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