Ever heard of anyone pressing charges against a ghost for trespassing? How do you think that would play out in a court of law? I remember reading about old courts that accepted "magic", "the devil", and "god" being the reason things have happened, but I've never heard of anyone pressing charges against a ghost for trespassing (such as in the cases of so-called "haunted houses").

Ever heard of anyone trying that? How do you think it'd play out?

If so, I'd like a reference - or better yet, info on how to search court cases for keywords, because I get curious about random stuff.

If it hasn't happened yet, anyone here interested in trying it? It would be hella funny.


I've never heard of and was unable to find any trespassing cases against ghosts, but God is actually sued with surprising frequency in American courts. Judges usually handle the cases formalistically, dismissing the case because the plaintiff never served God with a summons or because God's residence is not within the court's jurisdiction.


There was a case along those lines in the UK decades ago.

I recall the case (whatever it was named, sorry!) is taught to drive home the point of a what a "separate legal entity" is.

Your case would be struck out because a ghost does not have legal form (in the Salomon v Salomon sense), and therefore not capable of being a defendant.


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